Landscape Lighting in Magnolia

Keep Bugs Away from Installed Landscape Lighting in Magnolia

Landscape Lighting in Magnolia

Imagine you are enjoying a peaceful evening on your porch with a cup of coffee and a classic novel in your hand. Suddenly, you get bombarded by bugs drawn to your installed landscape lighting in Magnolia. Annoying, right? But worry no more. There are many ways to repel the bugs for an uninterrupted outdoor evening with loved ones. Let’s look into the top tips to keep these pesky intruders at bay.

Why Bugs Are Attracted to Installed Landscape Lighting in Magnolia

Insects are drawn to landscape lighting due to phototaxis, an instinctual attraction to light sources. This phenomenon is observed in various insects, including moths, beetles, flies, and mosquitoes. Their attraction for light is believed to stem from their reliance on natural sources like the moon and stars for traveling from one place to another. However, artificial lights can disrupt their navigational abilities and force them to linger around your outdoor lights.

Moths are particularly known for their inclination towards lights, possibly due to their reliance on celestial cues for orientation. Similarly, beetles have photoreceptors that make them sensitive to specific light wavelengths. This also creates an unusual attraction to certain types of artificial light.

Top 6 Bug-Repellent Techniques for Installed Landscape Lighting in Magnolia

If you are annoyed by the constant buzzing of the bugs, follow these tips to ensure they stay away from your lighting fixtures:

1.     Relocate Your Lights

Moving lights away from seating areas can reduce bug interference in your evening chats. Installing landscape lighting in Magnolia, like strategically placed spotlights, can keep your patio and deck illuminated without attracting bugs excessively.

2.     Install Motion Lights

Hire a professional to place motion-activated lights away from seating spots. This ensures that the lighting fixtures only light up when you activate them, not bugs. If the problem persists, you can ask the lighting company to install a switch.

3.     Adjust Bulbs

Bugs are drawn to certain light spectrums, particularly ultraviolet. So, choose warmer, yellower hues like incandescent bulbs or those in the yellow to infrared spectrum when installing landscape lighting in Magnolia to decrease bug attraction.

4.     Install LED Lights

LEDs emit minimal UV light and deter bugs. So, select LEDs with lower Kelvin temperatures for a more yellowish light and steer clear of the bluer spectrum that attracts insects. You can go for red, orange, and yellow hues, which tend to keep bugs away as they have longer wavelengths.

5.     Get a Timer

Do you know professional lighting companies can set a timer for your lights? So, get a timer installed and open the lights about an hour after sundown. By doing so, you may avoid attracting bugs that fly only at dusk, preventing them from lingering around your lights as night falls.

Wrap Up

When it comes to bugs and insects, there is no way to keep them away completely from installed landscape lighting in Magnolia. When one insect detects a light, others tend to follow in its wake. However, taking steps to reduce bug presence will get you closer to having fewer bugs in your outdoor space.

If you want to get rid of these pesky bugs, contact All About Outdoor Lighting’s design experts today! Our installers can carefully position, set a timer, and install motion lights to prevent insects from lingering. Our FB page.

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